The Spokane New Car Dealers Association has been in existence for more than fifty years. Many of the Association’s member dealerships bring a proud heritage of family ownership which combine to represent hundreds of years of service to our customers in the greater Spokane community. The general public may not be aware of the many significant charitable contributions and fund raising activities undertaken by the Association’s member dealerships. This is one of the many ways that local Dealers give back to our community. Without these important contributions, local charities, arts, cultural events, sporting events, and community services would be greatly disadvantaged.

From a business perspective, each of Spokane’s New Car Dealers subscribe to and honor a strict Code of Ethics as established by the Washington State Auto Dealers Association. Over the years the Association’s members have provided, and continue to provide employment for thousands of local residents which translate into taxes that in turn support our local schools, police, fire fighters etc. They also provide additional valuable services to their busy customers such as the convenience of service loaner vehicles and free shuttle service to work or home.

The Spokane New Car Dealers Association supports Washington State’s Lemon Law and would like to remind people that Washington State residents who purchase a car out of State lose the valuable protection and peace of mind this benefit provides.